Create deposit invoices

Find out how to invoice partial services and create a final invoice

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With a deposit invoice, you can invoice a partial amount of an order not related to specific services (e.g. a down payment).

Important: You must have created a project before you can create deposit and final invoices. Ideally, there should also be a quote for this project.

Create a deposit invoice

Open a draft invoice as usual. In the draft invoice, select "Deposit invoice" in the "Invoice type" field.

The content of this draft is no different from the usual draft invoice. Add the deposit payment via an item with the type "Other" and the unit "Flat rate". Check the preview and finalise the partial invoice by clicking the "Finish" button.

Create a final invoice

A final invoice can only be created if there is at least one completed deposit invoice in the project. Only finalised deposit invoices are included in the final invoice. Ideally, create the final invoice directly from the quote. In this way, all items and service groups from the quote are transferred to the final invoice.

Go here to find out more about creating an invoice from a quote.

In the draft invoice created from the quote, first select the final invoice under "Invoice type". Additional service groups and services can be added here if required. All previously made deposit payments are listed as minus items at the end of the final invoice. These are only visible in the PDF preview and in the final document.

Multiple deposit and final invoices in one project

It’s possible to have several packages of deposit and final invoices in one project, but they can only be made one after the other. Only one final invoice can be processed at a time in draft mode. To create another final invoice, the previous one must be finalised.

Cancelling deposit and final invoices

If you wish to cancel deposit and final invoices, you must first cancel the completed final invoice before the deposit invoices it contains can be cancelled individually.

The titles "Deposit invoice" and "Final invoice" cannot be changed. It is legally required that deposit and final invoices are clearly labelled as such.

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