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Discounts, early payment discounts and credit notes
Discounts, early payment discounts and credit notes

Find out how to grant discounts and credit notes in your invoices and quotes

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ToolTime offers you many options for adding discounts and price reductions to invoices and quotes.

Grant a discount on individual items

If you want to grant discounts on individual items, it’s best to do this with a separate service item. Select the unit price of the relevant item as the purchase price. Select -105% as the margin (for a discount of 5%). Or you can enter the discount as a minus item in the purchase price.

Grant a discount on the total invoice amount

At the end of every quote and invoice, you can grant a discount on the total amount. You can choose between a percentage or a fixed amount.

On the PDF document for your customers, the desired amount is then deducted from the net total, and the adjusted total amount is shown.

Grant an early payment discount

To grant an early payment discount in your quotes and invoices, use the field at the bottom of the draft. Enter the appropriate percentage and the time frame within which you would like to grant a cash discount. The amount to be paid is calculated automatically and appears on the quote or invoice together with the payment terms.

Create a credit note

If a complete invoice is to be credited to your customer, you can cancel the original invoice. In this case, the automatically generated cancellation invoice acts as a credit note.

However, if you want to create a different type of credit note, you can simply create a new invoice and rename it "Credit note". Then enter the items that you want to credit as minus items. Once you have adjusted and checked all other details, such as the introduction and closing text, you can complete the credit note.

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