Data exports from ToolTime

Find out how to export lists of quotes, working durations, invoices and customers.

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ToolTime offers various options for you to quickly and simply export your data.

In just a few clicks, you can download the .csv or Excel formats of reports on quotes, work durations, customer data, invoices as well as invoice items


To see an overview of all your quotes, select the option "Quotes" in the data export section. Specify the date period for the list, as well as the desired format, then download the file via the browser.

Work duration

This export provides you with an overview of all working times that were listed in an appointment under services as a labour service group.

This export does not necessarily contain your recorded time entries, unless you have transferred them to the services section as working duration.

Please note: You can export your recorded time entries in the "Time recording" menu item.

Customer details

You can export your current customer database at any time. Note that to do so, you must be logged into ToolTime with an owner account.

Invoice and invoice services

ToolTime offers various export types for your invoice lists, for your own records, as well as to forward to your tax advisor. The invoice export function offers a list of all invoices issued and their corresponding customers.

The invoice services export lists all invoiced items. Select one of the two export options, then specify the period and the desired format. You can download the resulting file via ToolTime’s browser version.

Invoice documents

To export individual invoices, go to "invoices" and click on the three-dot menu for the invoices you want to download. Now select the option “Download” to get your invoice as a PDF document.

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