Customer, invoice & quote numbers

Learn how to customise and edit customer numbers as well as invoice and quote numbers.

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Customer numbers

You can create a new customer under the Customers tab or when creating a new document. You can then either assign an individual customer number, or we can set up automatically assigned customer numbers for you. If you already have a list of customer data, we can import it into ToolTime for you.

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Number ranges for invoices and quotes

Invoice and quote numbers are assigned automatically in ToolTime as soon as a quote or invoice is finalised. You can assign the starting digit (e.g. I-2022-001) of the number range yourself, in the settings under “Billing”. The numbers are then consecutively assigned.

You can define any prefix you want. Recommended formats are, for example, "Q" or "Q-" for quotes and "I" or "I-" for invoices.

In the field “Start with”, you can specify which digit to start with. This must be numerical and can have any number of digits. If you select 0001, for example, this goes up incrementally as follows: 0001, 0002, ...0010, etc.

Under “Next quote number” or “Next invoice number”, you can see which number will be assigned next, based on your current entry.

The quote and invoice numbers, as well as the customer numbers, are displayed in the top right section of the finalised documents.

Important: You can choose your format (prefix + number) as you wish, but please consult with your tax advisor. It is not possible to assign a quote or invoice number twice.

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