Deleting and cancelling invoices

Everything you need to know about deleting and cancelling invoices

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Due to legal requirements, it is only possible to modify some elements of a finalised invoice in ToolTime. As it stands, you can only edit the salutation, introductory and closing texts even after the invoice has been finalised. However, if you want to change any other elements of an invoice, it must be cancelled and copied to create a new one.

Editing invoices

If you wish to edit an invoice after it has been finalised, go to "Actions" in the top right-hand corner inside the invoice and then click "Edit". You can also do this in the invoice list via the three dots, as well as from the project or customer view.

You now have the option to edit the following elements of the invoice:

  • Introductory text (and changes to the template)

  • Closing text (and changes to the template)

The invoice number does not change after editing.

Please note: Only invoices for which no payment has yet been entered can be edited!

Deleting invoices

You can delete invoices in draft mode at any time. To delete draft invoices in ToolTime, click on the three small dots to the right of the draft invoice in the invoice list, and select "Delete", or from within the invoice you can click on "Actions" in the top right-hand corner and delete it from there.

Cancelling invoices

To cancel completed invoices in ToolTime, click on the three small dots to the right of the relevant invoice in the invoice list and select "Cancel", or select the action within the relevant invoice.

This automatically creates a cancellation invoice with the next consecutive invoice number and displays it in the invoice list. The cancellation invoice corresponds to a credit note, which you can also send to your customer.

If the original invoice was issued incorrectly, you can create a copy of the invoice in question and edit it accordingly. This means you don't have to start the invoicing process all over again.

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