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Write quotes and invoices with ToolTime
Quote statuses: Draft, Pending, Accepted, Rejected & Invoiced
Quote statuses: Draft, Pending, Accepted, Rejected & Invoiced

Everything you need to know about quote statuses

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Organise your finished quotes by applying the correct status to gain a clear overview and to edit them again if necessary.

Quote statuses

Once a quote has been finalised, it will initially receive the status "Pending".

Mark this status as accepted at any time using the button in the top right corner or mark it as rejected under "Actions". You can reset this status if needed.

If you want to make a change to a completed quote, it must be marked as "Pending". The quote number will remain the same.

If you create an invoice from an quote and finalise this invoice (i.e. the invoice is no longer a "Draft"), the quote is marked as "Invoiced". You can also manually label each quote as "Invoiced". To do so, just click on the three dots to the right of the relevant quote when in list view, or on "Actions" in the open quote.

Filter by status

To get a better overview of your quotes, you can filter them by status when in list view.

Quotes on the dashboard

On your dashboard, you can select whether to display accepted or pending quotes. Use the switch at the top right to adjust the data. You can change this any time you wish.

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