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Write quotes and invoices with ToolTime
Copy quotes and invoices across projects
Copy quotes and invoices across projects

Everything you need to know about copying quotes and invoices within or across projects

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ToolTime lets you copy quotes and invoices. All the information and items from the original document are transferred to this copy and can then be customised as required. You can copy finished documents as well as those in draft mode.

To do so, just select the document that you want to copy and select the "Create a copy" option via the "Actions" button. You are now in the copy’s draft mode. The document now has the title prefix of "COPY", but you can edit this title any way you wish.

As usual, you can also edit all other fields and items as required. For example, if you select another customer or another project, the document is automatically assigned to it. As soon as you "Complete" the document, it is archived and given a quote or invoice number.

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