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Managing services and materials: The catalogue
Managing services and materials: The catalogue

Everything you need to know about ToolTime’s catalogue

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ToolTime’s catalogue gives you an overview of all your materials and services. View and edit them in one central hub.

Add items to the catalogue

Generally, you’ll start with an empty catalogue and have the following options for filling it:

Add items to the catalogue individually

New items can be added directly to the catalogue via "+ Add article". These items can then be used in quotes, invoices and appointments.

You can also transfer new and existing items directly from the quote and invoice draft to the catalogue. To do so, simply select "Add to catalogue" under the relevant item.

Add the entire inventory master list to the catalogue

If you booked the material import with ToolTime, you can send us your entire article master as a CSV file at any time. We will upload this into the catalogue for you.

Find out more about importing materials and our corresponding template here.

Use and edit catalogue items

When adding items to quotes, invoices and appointments, your catalogue articles and services are first displayed in the suggestions. If you use a catalogue item, you can then edit it in draft mode. None of these edits will affect the master catalogue data.

In the catalogue, you can filter by article type or display specific articles directly via the search bar. You can edit and save items here. You can also track all changes made at any time using the activity log.

When editing catalogue items, you can assign your own article number, along with all the usual information on type, unit, description, and price. This will not be visible to your customers.

Catalogue items in the mobile app

All articles that have been added to the catalogue in the web version are also available in the mobile app. When documenting a service, you can select these items from the list of suggestions.

However, if the name of a catalogue article is changed, it won’t be linked to the catalogue any longer. When this happens, the item is displayed without a price when an invoice is created from the corresponding appointment.

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