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Find out how to perfectly set up ToolTime, and which settings you can adjust.

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In Settings, you can set up your ToolTime account to your exact needs. Determine anything to do with your billing and communication, and also change texts and layouts.


Number ranges

ToolTime automatically assigns invoice and quote ID numbers, as soon as they are completed. You can choose a starting number (e.g. I-2023-01). ToolTime then assigns these consecutively.

Choose digits or numerals when defining a prefix. Recommended formats are, for example, Q or Q-2023 for quotes, and I or I-2023 for invoices.

In the field "Starts with", you can define the starting number. This must be numeric and can have as many digits as you wish. For example, if you select 0001, this will move up in the following increments: 0001, 0002, ...0010, etc.

Under next quote or invoice number, you can see which number will be assigned next, based on your current entry.

Important: You can choose a unique format (prefix + number), but make sure to please consult your tax advisor. It’s not possible to assign a quote or invoice number twice.

Payment terms

In this section you can determine the default payment terms for your invoices and offers. You can choose between:

  • no payment term

  • immediately

  • 7 days

  • 14 days

or enter a customised payment term. The preview shows you how your payment term will be displayed in the respective documents.

Please note: Although you can make use of the default settings here, you can also customise the payment term to suit your individual requirements in the quote or invoice draft.

Tax rates

In the tax rates section, you can add and edit tax rates and related legal information required to create your invoices and quotes. You can remove any tax rates that you do not want to be displayed.

Texts & layout

Upload a logo or letterhead

You can place your logo on the top left, centred or on the right in three different sizes. Please note that the file size must not exceed 0.4 MB and the logo must be in PNG or JPG file format.

In contrast to a logo, a letterhead extends across the entire width of the layout, so there is more space for your business’ design or information. The size of the letterhead must be exactly 2434×242 pxl You don’t need to include a white border on the left or right. The file can end with text or images, ensuring that the letterhead is flush with the text below.

Sender line

Currently, it’s not possible to save your complete template layout to extend over the entire document. However, you can hide the footer, logo and sender line so if you want to print documents created with ToolTime on your own company paper. Please note, however, that your layout should not overlap with ours.

Edit text templates

You can create as many templates as you like for your introduction and closing texts, quotes and invoices.

Select "Add template" and then enter the heading. The new template will appear in the list of templates on the left-hand side. You can now enter your chosen text in the text field to the right.

You can delete the selected template or edit the heading by clicking on the three dots.

Please note: You cannot delete the default template with the default text that we have already entered. However, you can change the title and text at any time.

Company details

You can edit your company details in the bottom section of the "Texts & Layout" page. Please fill in this area with all the appropriate information. These are used to create various documents.

Editing the footer

Choose between the standard footer with three fixed columns or the customised footer with 1 to 4 columns.

If you choose the standard footer, all information is automatically taken from your company details. Use the preview to check how your details will be displayed in the standard footer.

With the customised footer, you can give each column its own heading and add up to 6 lines per column. You also have the option of aligning the text in the columns to the left or right and centering it. Use the preview to check how your details are displayed in the customised footer.

Please note: Make sure that all lines are visible. If the text is too long, it will be hidden.

If you want to print all documents on your own paper and this already contains a footer, you can also hide the footer entirely in the top right-hand corner.


Email and text notifications

Here you can find out which settings you need to adjust if you want to email documents directly to your customers from ToolTime.

If you want to send appointment text notifications to your customers, you can edit the text message in the lower part of the communication section. Any information regarding the appointment is automatically moved over, and you can set the rest of the message. The text may contain a maximum of 160 characters.

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