Roles and permissions

Find out which employee roles ToolTime offers and which functions and permissions belong to each role.

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There are three roles that a ToolTime user can have. The company owner is automatically assigned the “Owner” role in ToolTime. The owner can then add “Field Staff” and “Office Staff” employees.

Field Staff

Employees assigned the "Field Staff" role only have access to the smartphone app and cannot access ToolTime’s browser version.

In the smartphone app, they can create and log appointments, as well as enter and edit their hours worked using the time tracking function.

Field staff have the option of accessing the customer base when creating appointments.

When entering services in appointments, employees with the "Field Staff" role have access to all services from the catalogue.

If an appointment belongs to a project, they have access to project details and all uploaded documents. However, they don’t have access to quotes, invoices and other appointments in this project.

Office staff

All office staff have access to the smartphone app and therefore also have access to all functions that are also available to field staff. In addition to this, they also have access to the web version of ToolTime. They can create and edit quotes and invoices, and create appointments for all other employees. They have access to all projects and customers and can also make changes. Office staff can also adjust ToolTime settings.


The owner has access to the same functions as the office team. In addition, the owner can:

  • Add new employees

  • Make changes to existing employee profiles

  • Grant or revoke access to the dashboard for office staff

  • Export the customer base

Both office staff and owners can track the actions of all employees via the activity log.

Changing roles

Once an employee has been created in ToolTime, the owner can no longer change their role. If you would like to change the role of one of your employees, simply contact us via the chat!

Removing employees

If you are the owner in ToolTime, you can remove a user via the three grey dots in the employee area. Removing an employee does not automatically cancel their licence! However, it does give you the option of assigning the now free licence to another employee.

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