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Project and schedule planning with ToolTime
Link ToolTime calendars with external calendars
Link ToolTime calendars with external calendars

Find out how to export your employees' ToolTime calendar and link it to iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar and more.

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To display appointments created in ToolTime in Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, Google Calendar and other popular online calendars, you can subscribe to the ToolTime calendars.

This gives you the following advantages:

  • Simplified planning thanks to access to a monthly view

  • Adding extra appointments outside of ToolTime

  • Extended calendar access for ToolTime app users

This is an "Internet calendar" that you can subscribe to via a URL. You can find the corresponding link for your team in the employee overview.

Go to the following links for set up instructions:

Please note that the appointments are only visible in Microsoft Outlook itself and not in other linked applications such as "Microsoft 365".

Subscribe to the ToolTime calendar directly on your Android device

You can also subscribe to the ToolTime calendar directly on your Android smartphone, e.g. in the Samsung Calendar app, without first setting up a Google Calendar account. Any changes made in your ToolTime calendar are displayed more quickly. With Google Calendar and Outlook, synchronisation can sometimes take several hours.

For example, download the free ICalSync app from the Playstore and open it. Allow the app to access your calendar. Then click on the "+" symbol to add a new calendar.

Name the calendar and insert the corresponding link from the employee area. Then select the time interval at which the calendar should be updated under "Sync periods".

Confirm your selection and the ToolTime calendar will then be displayed in your smartphone's calendar app.

Set up your ToolTime appointments on your Google Calendar

First subscribe to your ToolTime calendar with Google Calendar from the ToolTime web version.

Then download the free Google Calendar app to your mobile phone and sign in with your Google account.

In the Google Calendar app, click on the three gray lines at the top left to access the settings. Click on 'Show more' where your email address is listed. Then select your username from ToolTime.

Lastly, activate the toggle for synchronisation. The appointments from ToolTime will now be displayed on the Google Calendar overview.

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