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Documenting appointments with ToolTime
Record measurements and transfer them to quotes
Record measurements and transfer them to quotes

Find out how to record a measurement in the app and use the data in the browser version to calculate your quotes.

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With ToolTime’s measurements function, you can record data via the smartphone app during your appointments. After completion, this data can be viewed by the customer on the work slip PDF. The measurements can also be transferred to quotes on the web version.

Record measurements via the smartphone app

You can add measurements to each appointment. All you need to do is tap the "Measurements" option within an appointment. Decide what you want to measure and choose between length, area, room and quantity.

Once you have selected the appropriate option, you can enter the first measurement, select the appropriate unit and add a title and any notes.

You can now save the information and add as many further measurements as you like. If one of the measurements should be deducted, simply slide the toggle to the right.

When you return to the appointment, you can select and edit all the measurements and enter a title for the measurement area.

You can edit your entries until the appointment has been completed. The information entered is then also transferred to the work slip and made available to your customer.

Processing measurements on the web version

On the web version, you can view the recorded measurements for the appointment. You can also transfer this to a quote in the next step. Just create a quote from the appointment that contains the measurements.

You then have the option of accepting the measurements in the draft quote.

You can then select which measurements should be transferred to the quote by ticking the appropriate boxes. If you select the measurement title, all associated entries will be highlighted.

If you select "Take over as services", all entries for each individual item will be transferred.

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