Create appointments on the web version

Learn how to create new appointments within a project from a quote or from the appointment list.

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You can create appointments in ToolTime’s browser version either in an existing project or customer, from a quote or directly from the appointment list.

How to create appointments in an existing project or customer

To create an appointment in an existing project or customer, first open the relevant project or customer, then click on "Add" and select "Appointment".

How to create appointments from quotes

The advantage of creating an appointment directly from a quote is that all items from the quote are added as services, and the project and customer information are also directly transferred over.

First mark the quote as "accepted" and then click "Create". From there click on "Appointment".

How to create appointments from the appointment list

To create an appointment from the appointment list, click on "+ New appointment". Please note that you must assign the appointment to a customer (and ideally also to a project) so that the customer information can be transferred to the appointment and later also to the work slip.

Editing appointments

Regardless of how you create your appointment, you can enter all the details you want. If the project site address is not the customer's address, you can select a different location. In the "Appointment title" field, you must define a title for the appointment (e.g. inspection).

Next, define the appointment duration: specify the date, start time and end time. If it’s a full-day or an appointment last several days, slide the toggle to the right and select a start and end date.

Find out here how to create recurring appointments using the "Does not repeat" drop-down and what you need to bear in mind.

To assign the appointment to one or more team member, enter the employee’s name in the "Add employee" search field and select the relevant person. In order to avoid scheduling clashes, the message "Appointment conflict" will be displayed for employees who are already assigned to other appointments during the affected time period.

The appointment will only be displayed on the app to those users to whom the appointment has been assigned.

In the “Description” field, you can enter any information regarding appointment that you believe is relevant to your employees on-site. This won’t be displayed on the work slip later.

If you activate the customer notification under "Send SMS reminder", ToolTime will send a message to your customer (based on the text specified in your settings).

Finally, click on the "Save" button in the top right-hand corner. You have now successfully created an appointment and the employee(s) selected will receive a notification on their smartphone.

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