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Create projects to better structure your orders and benefit from advanced functions.

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A ToolTime project works like a folder: here, you can create, store and manage all appointments, quotes, invoices and any other documents that belong to a particular project or job. We recommend creating projects for longer jobs, to ensure that all your content is stored clearly in one place.

ToolTime projects offer advanced features, such as:

  • Specifying a different project site address. This is then displayed on the appointment, quotes and invoices

  • Creating deposit and interim invoices

  • Uploading your own documents and photos

  • Billing several appointments within one invoice

How to create a project from the project list

There are a few different ways to create a new project. First, you can create a project directly from your project list by selecting "+ New project".

How to create a project from a draft quote and invoice, or from an appointment

Alternatively, you can create a project in draft mode for an invoice or a quote, or when creating a new appointment. In the upper part of the draft mode, you can either assign the invoice or quote to an existing project or create a new project.

How to create a project from the customer profile

You can also create a project in the customer profile of an existing customer. Simply, click on the client from the customer list, followed by "Add" in the top-right corner and then "Project". The project will then be automatically assigned to this customer.

Assigning a project title, customer and project site address

First select a title for your project. We recommend using a clear and unique name to help you find the project quickly. You can also add a project description.

If you didn’t create the project from the customer profile, you can assign it later to an existing customer via the customer search function. If the project site address differs from the customer's address, you can use a different address that has already been saved for the customer. Alternatively, you can define a new project site address by clicking on the greyed-out toggle. This address will then be listed on all documents created in the project.

Finally, click on the "+ Create" button. You have now successfully created your project and can add quotes, invoices and appointments and upload documents.

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