Creating quotes: Ways to draft a quote

Learn how to create quotes from appointments, in our outside of a project

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ToolTime helps you create quotes in the web version on your PC or tablet. Create quotes either in a project, or independently of a project, or directly for a specific customer.

Create quotes in a project

First select an existing project or create a new one. Once in the project, select "Add" in the top right corner, then "Quote".

Create quotes from an appointment

You can also create a quote from an appointment. All items and services listed in this appointment can be transferred directly to the draft quote. Simply select the "Create quote" option via the three dots or "Create" for the appointment in question.

Create quotes from the list view

If you don’t have a specific project to which you would like to assign a quote, or you don’t yet know whether a project is required, you can simply create a quote without a project. In this case, assign the quote via the customer.

Then create the quote directly via the "Quotes" tab.

Here, select the "+ New quote" button in the top right corner.

Create quotes from a customer history

Finally, you can also select a customer to address a quote to. Create the quote directly in the customer history by clicking the "Add" button and selecting "Quote".

You can then select the quote at any time and assign it to a project, or even create a new project for the quote.

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