Creating new customers

Learn everything you need to know about creating new customers in ToolTime.

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ToolTime lets you create a customer database where you can access existing customers at any time from all the different sections of the web version.

There are three ways to create a new customer in ToolTime:

  • from the customer list

  • from a draft quote and invoice

  • from an appointment

In the following article, we’ll explain all three methods in more detail.

Creating a customer from the customer list

You can easily add a new customer to your customer database by selecting "New customer". This will open a dialogue box.

Create a customer from a draft quote and invoice or from an appointment.

Alternatively, you can create a new customer when you’re in the draft mode of an invoice or quote, or when you are creating a new appointment. In the upper part of the draft mode, you can either assign the document to an existing customer or click on “Create a new customer".

Editing customer details

When creating a new customer, you can label them as a private or corporate customer. With each type, there are slightly different entry fields, depending on the customer type.

Under "Show details", you can also enter optional information about each customer.

In the "House / building number and street" field, you can use our Google Maps integration to get quick suggestions as soon as you enter the street name. This makes your customer input easier and faster.

Customer number

Enter a customer number in this section. If you want ToolTime to automatically assign customer numbers, we can set this up for you. Just contact us via the chat.


Use this field for all customer notes not to do with specific orders, e.g., regarding special payment conditions, etc.

Save multiple addresses and designated contacts

If you’d like to enter and save additional addresses and contacts for a main customer, in addition to the billing address, you can click on “More addresses and contacts” on the left side of the customer history section.

You can easily access the additional addresses when creating a project or an appointment. It’s important to note that a project can only have one project site address. You can also easily access these addresses when creating an appointment.

Export the customer master list

If you have access to an owner account, you can export your customer details as a .csv or Excel file at any time, within the "Data export" section.

Important: If you’re just getting started with ToolTime, we can add your customer database for you.

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