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Search, sort and filter in list view
Search, sort and filter in list view

Learn how to use ToolTime’s search and filter functions to find everything you need – even faster.

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ToolTime’s web version offers a search function that allows you to limit the entries displayed in the various list views with the option to filter and sort.

Filtering and sorting in the different tabs

To display a certain selection of projects, for example, simply open the "Projects" tab in the bar on the left. This takes you to the first page of a list showing all your projects.

To get a better overview, you can simply activate the desired filters and, for example, view all projects with the status "Appointment planned" or "Invoice created".

You can also sort the List view in ascending and descending order. You have the option of sorting by project name, project number, etc. Simply click on the desired list view.

If the arrow points upwards (↑), the list is shown in ascending order. Now, if you click on the status again, the view switches to descending order with an arrow pointing downwards (↓).

Searching in the various tabs

As well as setting various filters, you can also narrow down the desired entries directly via the search.

You can search in the different tabs using the search bar at the top right.

For projects, you can search by, e.g., project name, project number, the corresponding customer and the project site address.

Important: Please make sure that the filters in the top left-hand corner of each search are set to your desired option, so you can gain the right search results.

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