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Sending documents directly from ToolTime
Sending documents directly from ToolTime

Find out everything you need to know about sending documents directly from ToolTime via email.

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All documents created in ToolTime can be sent directly to your customers by email, all without having to download them first or even opening an email programme. In just one click, ToolTime also shows you when the document was delivered to the customer.


Before you can send emails from ToolTime, you need to adjust your email settings in the settings under the "Communication" tab.

You can set a default reply address to which all customer replies will be sent (this is usually your company's email address). Your customers will automatically see your company name as the sender.

You can also decide whether your company logo should be displayed in the email. Make sure that the information from your footer is used for the email signature. You can edit this if you wish.

Sending documents by email

You can currently send the following documents from ToolTime:

  • Quotes

  • Work slips

  • Order confirmations

  • Invoices (with the corresponding work slips) and cancellation invoices

Just click on the email icon in the top right-hand corner of the respective document view, or click on the 3-dot menu in list view and select "Send by email".

You can customise the subject, recipient and content of your message.

You can also send a copy of the email to yourself, if you wish. We recommend doing so if you want to double-check the email content (standardised or customised) at a later date.

Finally, click "Send" to submit the document to your customers. You’ll receive a message telling you whether the email was sent successfully. On the right-hand side of the document, you can also see when and to whom the email was sent.

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