Create appointments on your smartphone app

Create and document appointments on-the-go and transfer them to the office.

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You can create appointments on your smartphone app as well as in the browser version. Simply click on the "+" in the appointment list and then enter all the details related to the appointment.

Adjust the title, date and time at the top. To ensure that all information is accessible for further editing in the web version, we recommend entering the following information in the "Additional notes for colleagues":

  • Project site address

  • Client (company and contact person)

When you create the appointment, you are also entered as the employee carrying out the work. You can adjust the assigned employee(s) in the lower section. Simply click on the "x" to remove a team member. To add another colleague, click on the "+" and select the relevant person.

Save the appointment and it will be accessible for logging information.

Find out here how to document appointments in the app and create a work report.

In the web version, app appointments are visible both in the appointment list and the calendar from the moment they are created. The easiest way to recognise them is via the smartphone symbol in the "Created" column.

App appointments are not initially assigned to a project or customer. However, you can assign them in the browser version by opening the appointment and clicking in the top right-hand corner.

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