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Documenting appointments with ToolTime
Documenting appointments in the smartphone app
Documenting appointments in the smartphone app

Learn how to record material, photos and a report in the appointment and how to finalise it.

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To document an appointment, open the ToolTime app on your smartphone.

You can see all planned and overdue appointments in the appointment list.

If the appointments are not displayed, a manual update will help. Simply swipe your finger downwards in the app until a loading symbol appears.

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Once you have selected the right appointment, you can log all the work and information for the appointment under the "Documentation" tab. You can record the time worked, measurements as well as adding photos and services to the appointment. You can also write a work report.

Time tracking

Click here to learn how to record your working hours in the smartphone app.


You can store as many photos as you like within an appointment. These will be displayed in the work report in the browser version. You can either load existing photos into the appointment or take new photos. To do so, select the camera icon.

If you want to add photos to the appointment that are already on your smartphone, just select the photo icon at the bottom right. You can then choose which pictures you want to load into the appointment.

If you want to take a picture directly from the app, press the shutter button with the camera icon. You can then add a description to the picture.

You can also annotate the picture. Just select the pencil icon, choose between multiple colours and draw on the picture with your finger. Tap the small check mark to complete the editing process. If you want to discard your edits, select "x". To delete the image, tap the rubbish bin symbol.

Images and documents that shouldn't appear in the work report but that should still be transferred to the browser version can be uploaded via the "Project" tab on the app. These will then appear and be stored in the corresponding project in the web version.


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You can add services or edit existing ones. Add new services using the "+". You can select "Working time", "Material" and "Other" services via the corresponding tabs. Enter the quantity, unit and description of the services.

Click "+ Add" to save the service in the appointment. The app remembers all services that have been entered, so you can select them again in subsequent appointments. You also have access to all catalogue items from the web version.

You can cancel the entry at any time using "x". The services can be edited or deleted at any time until the appointment has been completed.


You can create work reports under the services. Either type a report directly into the ToolTime app or record it using the microphone symbol on your smartphone's keyboard.

Select "x" to cancel the entry. Select "Save" to save your entries. The report can also be edited at any time until the appointment is finalised.

Important: In the "Report" area, only one employee can document at a time, multiple employees cannot work in parallel.

Finalising appointments (on the mobile app)

Once the appointment has been fully documented, it can be finalised. To do so, tap "Complete".

You will now be asked to go through the information again with your client on site. Once the customer has agreed, you can confirm the services by tapping on the grey boxes or by selecting "Tick all" at the end of the list.

As soon as all services have been confirmed, click on "Tap to sign". The client on site (or you, depending on your processes) can now sign the work report on your smartphone and you can complete the appointment by clicking "Complete appointment". If no signature is required, you can also finalise the appointment without a signature.

Important: Complete the appointment immediately after receiving the signature. Otherwise, information may be lost.

ToolTime then generates a work slip, which will be made available via the web version. You can find the appointment on the app under the "Documented" tab. Once the appointment and work report have been completed, they can no longer be edited via the app or web version.

Finalising appointments (on the web version)

You can also complete a planned appointment via the web version. Simply click on the "Mark as documented" field at the top right of the open appointment or on the three grey dots in the appointment list, in the project or in the customer profile. The signature is not required for this.

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