Store text templates

Find out here how to store and use different text templates for quotes and invoices.

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You can create various text templates to tailor your quotes and invoices to the individual requirements of each customer.

Create your text templates

Go to the "Texts & layout" section under Settings. Here you can create as many templates as you like for your introductory and closing texts, as well as quotes and invoices.

Select "Add template" and then enter the title. The new template will then appear in the list of templates on the left-hand side. You can enter the desired text in the text field to the right.

You can delete the respective template or edit the title using the three dots.

Important: You cannot delete the standard template that has already been saved with the default standard text. However, you can change this title and text.

Select your text template

To access your text templates, open a draft quote or invoice. You will find the "Templates" field at the top right next to the introductory and closing text. After clicking on this field, all the templates you have created will be made available for selection.

Important: The field with the greeting formula above the introductory text is pre-filled with "Dear Sir or Madam" by default. If a contact is stored in your customer file, their name will be used. The default setting for this field cannot be adjusted, but the greeting can be customised in individual documents.

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