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Creating letters with company header
Creating letters with company header

Learn how to create, download and print your own documents.

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The "company header letter" option gives you more flexibility when creating documents within ToolTime. The logo, address field and footer are taken from the settings and are automatically formatted onto your letter and correspond to the layout of the other documents you can create with ToolTime. At the centre of the letter is the free text field and the free heading field, which you can customise.

You can create letters from the ToolTime customer profile. Simply select your chosen customer and click on "Add" in the top right-hand corner.

A window will open with the fields "Recipient address", "Headline", "Date" and a field in which you can enter your own text.

For the recipient address, choose from the addresses that are stored for the customer. You can fill in the headline as you wish. It will later appear at the top of the finished document in slightly larger letters and in bold print. You can adjust the date in the field next to it. It is initially preset to the current day. Finally, you have the option of creating your own personalised text in the large field at the bottom. The greeting is pre-filled, but you can also remove it.

Once you have edited all four fields, you can print or download the finished document.

The letters you create are not automatically saved in the customer history. However, you can upload them as a document in a project.

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